Nanoviola, a groundbreaking artist in the electronic music scene, combines techno with the sensual elegance of the violin, creating a fascinating new experience for the audience.

Nanoviola has already released her tracks on major labels such as Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and MarLo’s Reaching Altitude. As an emerging newcomer, Nanoviola has already reached several major stages in Germany within a few months.

Nanoviola, a master of her Art, has successfully merged the worlds of Techno and Classical music, creating a unique live experience. With her breathtaking violin playing, she brings an entirely new dimension to the pulsating sounds of electronic music.

The unique combination of the energetic rhythms of techno and the emotional sounds of the violin captivates the audience from beginning to end. Nanoviola takes the spectators on an unforgettable journey through various moods and emotions, from euphoric highs to profound moments that touch the soul.

Her extraordinary talent and ability to seamlessly integrate the sounds of the violin into the electronic music landscape have already earned Nanoviola international recognition.
With her unique musical vision and exceptional talent, Nanoviola sets new standards for electronic music, proving that innovation and tradition can harmonize perfectly.
Experience the extraordinary techno live act with violin performance by Nanoviola and immerse yourself in a unique soundscape that will mesmerize you