Eric Fetcher


Eric Fetcher a true love for the purest form of Techno music, some outstanding 3 turntables DJ skills, a huge background as music composer are the perfect ingredients for this french born to set a place among the most respected artists of the new underground techno scene. Born in 1982, he has been loyal and fond of music since his debut in the late 90´s inspired by artists like Jeff Mills, James Ruskin, Cloude Young, Steve Stoll. His sound his 100% Analog Techno: Intense, Rough, Minimal and Hypnotic. He produces his music with a singular dexterity and precision since 2004, using mainly hardware synthesizer and modular gears, delivering on a regular basis some cutting edge sci-fi techno releases published on labels like Granulart Record,Tsunami, Aine Polegroup, ATT series, LCR, Newrhythmics, Raw Raw, U.F.F. Records. His music is each time more expected and requested by some of the biggest artists of the Techno Music scene like Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills, Tensal/Kessel/Exium, Zadig, Kr!z, Jeroen Search, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, Arnaud Le Texier, SleepArchive, Invite, Tadeo among others, where his tracks easily find a place in their DJ charts and playlists.