Filterheadz are best known for their smash techno hits «Sunshine» and «Yimanya,» which have solidified their status as iconic figures in the electronic music scene. Comprised of brothers Bert and Maarten Wilmaers, their musical journey began with dreams of rock stardom as they picked up the guitar and drums. However, fate had a different plan for them.
A fortuitous encounter with House Music led Filterheadz to explore a new musical direction. Their remix of Minimalistix’s «Struggle for Pleasure» quickly became a progressive house classic, showcasing their innate talent for crafting infectious beats and mesmerizing melodies. Inspired by this success, they joined forces with DJ Tomaz and delved deeper into the world of techno.
Their collaboration with Tomaz paved the way for a remarkable techno odyssey, culminating in the release of their timeless anthem «Sunshine» on Carl Cox’s esteemed Intec label. This track catapulted Filterheadz to the
forefront of the genre, gaining international acclaim and setting the stage for their subsequent musical endeavors.
Filterheadz’s live performances are renowned for their unparalleled energy and captivating stage presence. They have graced the stages of prestigious festivals such as I Love Techno, Dance Valley, and Tomorrowland, leaving audiences in awe with their exhilarating DJ sets. Furthermore, they have headlined legendary clubs including Zouk, Ageha, Womb, Fabrik Madrid, and Egg London, creating unforgettable experiences for their fans.
In recent years, Filterheadz have returned to their hard-groove techno roots, captivating listeners once again with their releases on esteemed labels such as Suara, KD Raw, and Tronic. Their passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music remains unwavering, and their dedication to delivering powerful and energetic tracks is evident in their latest productions.
Filterheadz’s unique fusion of techno beats, infectious grooves, and captivating melodies continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres and create an immersive musical journey sets them apart as true pioneers of the electronic music scene. With each new release and live performance, Filterheadz reaffirm their position as influential figures, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring generations of music lovers.