One of the most appealing names of the Portuguese techno scene, Du’ArT has already been rocking the floors all over the world.
In the past few years, Portugal became one of the top destinations in what concerns European techno. Artists like Rush, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Umek, and Carl Cox – who need no introduction – were a great influence in Du’ArT’s upcoming sound path and soon, what started as a passion quickly became his life style.
Du’ArT started his journey in 2006 and it didn’t took too long to become one of the most requested and much-loved Portuguese artists by the party people and today, he counts with a great legion of fans everywhere he goes.
His great charisma, unique talent and even more unique technique, made him achieve a great international exposure and recognition in 2009, with a regular presence at the most important and relevant techno events and clubs around the globe, such as Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Dance Valley, Aquasella, Eco Festival, Beats for Love, DreamBeach, Apokalipsa, Tresor, Fabrik, Florida 135, Row 14, Inox and Boogaloo.
Du’ArT also produces his own music, and has many releases in major labels like, DJAX Upbeats, Patterns, Ying Yang, Subcult, Lactik, Naked Lunch, Techno Addicted, Standbite Music, Soul Access, Skull Destroy, Techsturbation Records, Valvula Records, Naughty Pills Records, Elektrax Recordings and many more.
With a strong 3 deck set full of energy and amazing music selection, Du’ArT is now one of the ambassadors of his style, bringing good music and amazing vibes anywhere around the planet.